2012 Travelblog Iceland and Faroe Islands (German) and (Dutch)

According to National Geographic the Faroese Islands are the most beautiful islands
of the world - how is that possible? We were welcomed by skilled boat builders
and creative musicians in place of grey skies and rain!
Iceland is in the top-3 of the world s happiest countries - you won‘t believe it.
During our epic journey of four months we discovered breathtaking landscapes
from the deserts in the highlands to the ice lagoon Jökulsarlon and hostile volcanic
environments at Eyjafjallajökull.
We drank glacier water and inhaled the fresh air of the polar circle -
and always Icelandic people had a warm welcome for us.

2011 Travelblog Netherlands-Andalucia-Morocco (German)

Mehr als 10.000 km mit dem Caravangespann bis in die Sahara -
Sierra Nevada, Flamenco, Sevilla, Granada, Königsstädte
in Marokko, Berbermusik, Hennatattoos, Reiten auf dem Dromedar,
Jeeptour in die Sahara, Camping in der Oase...

2010 Travelblog Scotland 2010 (English)

By caravan from The Netherlands high up to the Orkney Islands with Orkney Folk Festival,
Outer Hebrides, Highlands. Mystic stone circles, magic Rosslyn Chapel, and scottish
Whisky of course...

Gardenblog (German)

Im Jahr 2011 habe ich für den Bayerischen Rundfunk BR 1 gebloggt:
Gartentrends aus den Niederlanden, Gartenfotos....