Voices from our guestbook

Very, very nice!

A very nice show. Images and music blended together very well.

- Munich, January 2012

This was very very inspiring!

Very impressive!!!!

Interesting journey through Morocco!

- Hamburg, March 2012

Desert Kingdom Morocco

Morocco - colours of the orient and the magic of Africa at the same time: Medinas dating from the middleages, vivid souks with examples of outstanding traditions in handcrafts, fascinating landscapes from sea to the High Atlas mountains intrigue travellers since ages.
Travel on the road is an adventure in itself, the next unexpected surprise lures just around the corner. Donkeys and camels cross the road.....

We take you on a journey to the ancient cities of the sultans, centers of islamic art and culture, to tiny Berber settlements in the Atlas and with camel and jeep to the dunes of the Sahara.